Friday, January 23, 2015

Wines In A Flash

I love wine... I love food.... but what dishes go with what wines??

It's always hard to pair, especially if you aren't well informed or are testing out a recipe for the first time and don't really know what it tastes like.  Are you going out to a restaurant and are unsure of an all around good table wine to bring for your party?

Here is a quick reference and little cheat sheet that is extremely helpful when planning a meal.

White Wines

  • Pair with: clams, crabs, chicken, turkey, pork, shrimp, veal, lobster, swordfish, salmon, cream sauces
  • Light-bodied: pale yellow with fragrant nose and typically dry
  • Medium-bodied: lemon yellow and richly scented
  • Full-bodied: straw yellow in color with oak and vanilla on the nose, usually dry and full lingering taste
Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pair with: shellfish, chicken, prosciutto, salads, goat cheese
  • Pale yellow color with greenish hues and apple or herb aromas; light, dry crisp finish
  • Pair with: pasta with seafood, cod, shellfish, grilled scallops, chicken with cream sauces, vegetable salads, vinaigrettes, citrus sauces
  • Light bodied and mildly fragrant that is dry, usually crisp, and refreshing
Chenin Blanc
  • Pair with: sole, flounder, snapper, curry, fruits, mild to spicy dishes, sushi, chicken and pork with light sauces
  • Pale gold color with fruity aromas and melon flavors with a medium body and dry finish
  • Pair with: sushi, smoked fish, grilled fish, Indian dishes, Thai dishes, scallops, baked ham, cheese
  • Citrus fruit aromas with pale yellow color; can have hints of sweetness or can be dry with a crisp finish
  • Pair with: pastas, salads, ham, turkey, BBQ chicken
  • Aromatic & floral, pale straw in color with dry, slightly spicy finish
White Zinfandel
  • Pair with: salsa, soy sauces, prosciutto and melon, ginger sauces, barbecue chicken wings
  • Slight pink in color, medium-dry with a fresh fruity finish
Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Pair with: grilled meats, pastas with red sauces, lamb, venison, sharp cheeses, roasted pork
  • Medium-bodied: ruby colored with berry aromas and round finish
  • Full-bodied: dark rich color with jam and oak aromas with full, dry finish
  • Pair with: veal, duck, tuna, salmon, pastas, sausages, parmesan sauces, cheddar, fruit sauces
  • Black cherry aromas with medium body and soft tannins
Pinot Noir
  • Pair with: grilled tuna & salmon, chicken, quail, creamy sauces, spicy sauces
  • Medium bodied with hints of earthy and fruity aromas
  • Pair with: pasta, pizza, ribs, barbecued and grilled meats, roasted chicken, cheeses
  • Bright ruby color with spicy aroma and flavors; dry and medium to full-bodied
  • Pair with: ribs, roasted chicken and turkey, grilled seafood, rabbit, hamburgers
  • Smooth peppery texture; medium to full-bodied with spice and cherry flavors
  • Pair with: grilled lamb, venison, pasta with tomato sauces, cheese, pork loin, gnocchi
  • Medium to full-bodied spice, raspberry, cherry and anise flavors
  • Pair with: salmon, cheeses, fruits, chocolate, French fries (just try it...the salt compliments those bubbles like no ones business!!!)
  • Higher acid foods with higher acid wines (tomatoes, citrus, goat cheese with sauvignon blanc, pinto noir, chianti)
  • Rich, fattier foods (duck, lamb, beef, cheese) with oaky chardonnay or young cabernet sauvignon
  • Spicy and salty dishes with gewurtztraminer, Riesling, chenin blanc, beaujolais

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