Monday, January 26, 2015

The Leftover Holiday Candy Hot Chocolate

This post is a simple post to share an easy way
to make my absolute favorite cold weather beverage.
It seems that from Halloween to Valentines Day, there
is an overly abundant amount of candy that
accumulates. Here is an easy and fun way to use
some of these goodies up.  You can always
try them in a cheesecake too!
Crushed Dark and Milk Chocolate Bars with Peppermint
Candy Canes; Chocolate Truffles;
Chocolate Covered Cherries, Caramel filled Chocolate Squares;
Milky Ways; Mounds; Three Musketeers...
All make wonderful Hot Chocolates when crushed or chopped.
Over low heat, warm milk stirring often.
Whole milk works the best but non-fat and skim
are just fine.  Once milk starts to steam and froth, remove from heat and add crushed/chopped candy.
You will need approximately
4 tablespoons of chocolate to every 6 ounces of milk. 
Truffles can be added whole and stirred in. 
2-3 filled chocolates per every 6 - 8 ounces of milk.
Top with Whipped Topping and a drizzle
of your favorite accompanying liquor such as
Crème de Menthe or Chambord.  Enjoy!!!!

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