Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Last Minute Hors D'ourves

Homemade Rice Balls
Fried Golden Brown
Serve with Marinara Sauce, Balsamic Glaze or Basil Pesto
 Looking for some last minutes Cocktails and Hors D'ourve ideas?? Clean out those closets, pantries and liquor cabinets!!  I went on a search late last night for something to bring to my parents for their Christmas Eve party.  With a small container of Arborio Rice in my kitchen I thought... Rice Balls!!!
I searched the fridge and found some mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, some prosciutto in the freezer and panko bread crumbs in the pantry; from there I started the easy process of making an impressive and delicious appetizer. Not the mention the fact that now there is more space in my cupboards!!!
Win Win!
3 cups Arborio Rice
6 cups Hot Water or Vegetable Stock
Any Italian Cheese
All Purpose Flour
Vegetable Oil
Cook standard risotto until aldente (I like to toast my rice in butter and olive oil with garlic before adding the liquid) Take off heat and fold in grated cheese, stirring till melted thoroughly and evenly distributed throughout.  Taste seasoning and adjust as needed with salt and pepper.
Spread risotto out on plastic wrapped lined sheet tray to cool.  Scoop risotto into 1 inch balls and freeze.  Once frozen the breading process can begin with a flour, egg and panko breadcrumb coating.  Once coated, place balls back in freezer until vegetable oil in sauté pan is hot; about medium heat for 4 minutes.  Fry until golden brown and finish in 350 degree oven until internal temperature of 145 degrees or until hot in the center.
Use any extra rice balls as the perfect addition to a soup.  They work fantastic with something as light as an Italian Wedding Soup (especially when the rice balls are made with ground sausage) or as robust as a Red Bell Pepper & Smoked Gouda Bisque with Roasted Corn & Cilantro!

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